Pansy Ring in 14k Yellow Gold
Set with Saffire and Diamonds

Contact Rikki for your custom creations:

If you are interested in any of Rikki's creations on this page, Jewelry ~ T-Shirts ~ Bells ~ Reflective Decals ~ or wish to have Rikki make a custom creation for you or a loved one, you may email Rikki at any time.  Rikki's Custom Originals are all designed and individually handmade by Rikki. They are of the finest quality to endure themselves of the highest collector's Artistic market for years and generations to come. Your order of a Rikki Original sets you apart from the crowd and assures your own personal style and statement.

Rikki's sculpted art pieces are made by the Lost Wax casting method. Rikki uses only the finest precious metals and jewels. All raw materials are purchased in America and American made. De-ox Sterling Silver is designed to achieve hardness and will be more tarnish resistant. Rikki casts in 14k white or yellow golds. The care of your Sterling Silver or Gold pieces can be followed by the same directions on any good quality precious metal polish.

Look below at some of the photos and prices of Rikki's Painting, Jewelry, Bells and T-shirts as well as One-of-a Kind custom creations.

Holiday wreath in 14k Yellow Gold
Set with Diamonds

Solid Sterling Silver Tarantula Bell
Bell clapper in Spider's body unique Fender mount

"BACK OFF" Reflective safety wear
Reflects with light at night

Bear with diamond sparkled eyes
Painted on original Coffin Tank 1973

Rikki's Original Reflective DyeCut Decals
"BACK OFF" Helmet reflective decal $2.50 each

Rikki on her 1958 XLCH Custom Harley Davidson
Magneto, Coffin Tank Ol' Iron Head Chopper

All materials are AMERICAN made
All hand made by Rikki

Solid 14k White or Yellow Gold "ROSE RINGS"
Elegantly accented with Colored Diamonds CUSTOM $580.00

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Wolf Pack Living in Peace
Acrylic on Canvas wrap frame

Howling for Joy
Original Watercolor - reproduced on pocket T-shirt

Solid Sterling Silver Wrap Cuff Bracelet
Rikki's Custom Design

The Growl
Original Watercolor

The Round Up
Acrylic on Canvas Wrap by Rikki

Solid Sterling Silver Candle Holder
Rikki Original BEAR CUB up a Tree Stump

Welcome to my web site!
I pride myself on providing the highest-quality in my art and personal service. Here are a few examples of my custom creations. They are all hand made by me in solid golds or silver. My paintings are acrylic, oil or watercolor, on canvas, paper or fabric. I have also painted sheet metal for motorcycles, planes and cars. I sculpt, paint, do leather tooling, create in metals and create custom wearable art to wear, enjoy and collect. You can always order a "Rikki Original" by contacting Rikki at and discussing designs, wishes and goals for ordering a custom creation. All custom orders are subject to a deposit or final agreed price, paid in full including S&H and insurance through Pay Pal.

Solid Sterling Silver Bull Buffalo Bell $470.00
Double Clappers make this unique and a priceless original

I take an enormous pride in my hand-made creations, and hope that you'll find something that you like. I also can create a custom original designed and individually handmade to your desires.  All of my works are of the finest quality to endear themselves of the highest collector's Artistic market for years and generations to come. Your order of a Rikki Custom Original sets you apart from the crowd and assures your own personal style and statement. Please call or email and let me know what you would want created.
I look forward to creating and doing business with you.
If you need to contact Rikki ... please feel free to email Rikki

We will be accepting Pay Pal as well as the following credit cards, secured and protected:

Images of credit cards

samples of Rikki's Solid Sterling Silver Bells


LIBERTY  and  JUSTICE for ALL still echoes the voices of history and resonates the sweet tone of freedom as does our United States of America icon ......... THE LIBERTY BELL

Bells have been special for centuries. They are used in dancing, to summon attention, in honor and remembrance, respect and in celebration. Bells have been used on horses and carriages. You might have noticed a bell on hikers' backpacks or belts. These are to alert the bears that the hikers are approaching the bear's territory. You may have seen the importance of bells on boats, on airplanes, in cars, trucks or hanging on someone's motorcycle. Bells have a special meaning to the individual owner, representing an event, a remembrance, a gift, a totem or a lucky charm to ward off evil spirits. Rikki's Bells are custom made and dedicated to them all in your own symbolic representation with every jingle and ring. The tone of Rikki's silver bells are heard around the world.

The True Colors of Nature's Peacemaker ~
THE WOLF Original Acrylic on canvas wrap by Rikki


Solid Sterling Silver Bear Bell

Solid Sterling Silver Wild Boar Hawg Bell

Solid Sterling Silver Eagle Bell

Solid Sterling Silver Happy Pig Bell
Happy Pig Bell $300.00

Solid Sterling Silver Horse Bell
Horse Bell $520.00

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